Monday, August 25, 2008


Rebuttal Setup

Are you just concerned that the money is not available on the card at this time?

Is there something about this offer that you just don't understand?

Do you understand why you're receiving this offer? The sponsoring resorts are hoping that when you travel, you'll enjoy your trip so much that you'll invest in future vacations with them. You get a great vacation for free, and we get a chance to show you how great our resorts are! This way everybody is happy! Relax you're gonna have a great time!

Listen, whether you take advantage of this offer or not is entirley up to you, I know what a great offer this is..what I don't know is why anyone would want to pass it up...Care to share?

Call Back / Think About It

This is your official phone call! Once the person on the registration form is contacted and given their details, it's activated in the computer. Now, we don't need to know who's coming with you or when you are going, all we need to know is if you want to take advantage of the offer or not! Now, I know you want your free vacation, so let's get you registered!

I don't understand? When you were online you signed up for a chance to take part in this promotion. All we're doing is giving you exactly what you requested, a great offer, you're receiving a vacation that's valued at over $1300.00 for free! And all we ask is that you tour our resort, if you like it great, if you don't that's okay too. Either way you keep the vacation, so relax you're going to have a great time!

You plan on traveling sometime in the near future, right? And the Bahamas is a place you'd like to travel to, correct? Now I know you'd like to go for free, right? Then obviously, there's nothing to think about. What's your real concern?

Talk To Spouse

When you surprise your spouse with this offer, there are only two questions that are gonna be asked… How much is it? And When are we going? Now, you can say that all you had to pay is a refundable deposit of just $148 and that the vacation was absolutely free, and that you have 18 months to take it!

If there are any questions whatsoever, you can have your spouse call our customer service number, or visit our website. In the mean time we need to reserve this so you don’t lose out on the offer.

To be quite honest with you! I’ve never heard of a divorce or a break-up over a FREE vacation! What’s your real concern?

Something In Writing

Absolutely! You'll have everything available online at our website before we even get off the phone with one another!

What’s The Catch?

The only reason we can give you this great offer, is because we are looking for repeat and referral business! So the only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy the moment! Can you handle that?

Sounds Too Good To Be True

Oh no, not at all. What the Resort is hoping will happen is that you’ll come down and be so impressed with their resort, that you’ll invest in future vacations. That’s why they’re willing to provide you with such a great vacation for nothing!

Something In Writing

That's the number one reason that we promote ourselves via the Internet, all of the details concerning this offer were right there for you when you registered online. Are you just concerned that the vacation will not be everything that I have described?

Credit Card Over Phone

You have to understand; we have direct billing with all of the card companies. What I’m going to do for you is give you the authorization code that was issued to us directly from your bank, before we get off the phone… Then when we’re done you can contact the 800 number on the back of your card and give that code to them. That way you can verify with your own bank’s billing department the amount that was charged and our company name! Now I’m sure you trust your own bank right?

We have merchant privileges with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. In other words they’ve done a complete background investigation on us and given us the green light with full merchant privileges. Now we’re not about to jeopardize our relationship with them over a hundred and fifty bucks! That would be ridiculous! Understand there is a purpose behind our promotion. Relax you’re fine.


You have to understand, the entire purpose behind this promotion is to gain your repeat and referral business...Now that's not going to happen unless we follow through with our promises! So you can be certain that you'll receive everything exactly as described!

Just so you know once we get everything registered in your name, the first thing that I am going to do is create your new account. As soon as this account is created you'll be able to go to our website and login. Once you are logged in, you will see a full brochure about you vacation containing complete details in writing, and instructions on how to reserve your dates of travel. This is for real it's OK to be excited.

Do you understand exactly how we can give you this vacation for free? It's really quite simple...when you take the tour of the sponsoring resort, what they are trying to do is impress you so much that you'll invest in future vacations with them. Now, the interesting thing is that 1 out of 7 travelers in fact do invest, the resort is hoping that you'll be that one person, and even if you're not, the profit margin from the traveler that does invest is good enough that it covers the cost of all seven packages. So basically the resort loses nothing, and at the very least what they do gain is referral business.

You have to keep in mind that in literally one minute I 'm going to activate your vacation so that you can go online and view all of the details, as well as print your certificate of entitlement for this vacation. Now, it takes at least 2 to 3 days for us to get the money from your account, so we're trusting that you'll make good with the processing fee, and you need to trust that we won't take advantage of you! This requires that we are both being honest with one another everything I have told you is guaranteed, the question is are you going to be able to cover the $148?

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